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The 2017 National Show was a great success!

Congratulations to all the participants and the winners.
Also, congratulations and thanks to the Central States Society
for hosting the show.  Great job!!
Summary of the Show

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ADS congratulates Joel Laskey on his 100th Birthday!

Joel, pictured above with his daughter (on the left), is a long time active member of the Mid Island and Long Island Dahlia Societies.


Genome Project Update

The American Dahlia Society (ADS) is currently working to sequence the dahlia genome. ADS is funding the DNA sequencing of the dahlia. This process determines the complete set of genes or genetic material in a cell or organism. In January 2017 the ADS donors met our first goal of $30,000 for the project.  To date we have raised $37,000 from 50 donors from 17 states and Canada.  With these funds, ADS will be sequencing 6 species dahlias and dahlia Edna C plus one more modern dahlia. 

Dr. Walbot had two successful trips in October 2017 to collect species dahlia seeds in Mexico. It’s looking like she will have 12-13 species to choose from for the genome project. Currently, she is leaning towards towards the high quality genome sequencing using D.sorensenii. Originally she was thinking she would sequence D. coccinia in depth but it has wide variation in flower color, leaf shape, leaf size and stem properties. ADS has funds to sequence 6 species dahlias and two modern day dahlias. Sequencing is expected to be complete in March or April. 

In early October, Dr. Pappu heard back from the National Science Foundation that our grant proposal wasn’t funded.  Dr. Walbot, Dr. Saar, and Dr. Pappu will consider resubmitting the grant which is typically done taking into account the critiques of the grant readers.

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